Kevin Patrick Hobbs is a bright and talented specialist who has impressive experience already in his resume and will be an asset to your company if you are searching for people who will bring your business to the top level.

Nowadays, operating a company is not easy from many perspectives, the competition on the market, unstable financial sector, bureaucracy, and incompetent employees. Mentioned above are just a few aspects why your production line or services offered might not have a crazy demand in your niche.

Therefore, there are plenty of webpages where you can view all potential candidates for your opened possession. AngelList is one of those places where qualified people meet in order to recruit or find a job. It is a spectacular website that you will fall in love with, you should immediately stop digging an inbox full of resumes, just connect with high quality potential employees in one click. Kevin Patrick Hobbs is one of the experienced pro who you can reach out to and find all of his prior achievements on his page. He is a founder of three companies that are well recognized on the market and if you have a startup project, then he is the one you need. Kevin Patrick Hobbs is founder of Genisys Project that uses the technology behind Bitcoin to disrupt financial services. Another group that he founded is The Vanbex Group, who work on digital currency, blockchain protocols, and decentralized technology. Finally yet importantly of Kevin’s creations is Etherparty, which visually creates smart contracts. As you can see from Mr. Kevin Patrick Hobbs’ prior experience he is truly dedicated and qualified worker who you want to be on your team.

Forget long and boring interviews that do not bring any result, start using appropriate ways in finding personnel for your firm. On AngelList you will find only professional people, just as Kevin Patrick Hobbs is, there are no catches. The main purpose of this webpage is to help people connect with each other for their own benefits. If you are an employer, this must become your bookmark that you often go to and find ambitious and creative people who are on a search for new opportunities.

About Kevin Patrick Hobbs:

Kevin Patrick Hobbs is a highly qualified and demanded professional in IT domain who has substantial experience in creating useful apps and groups. Do not hesitate and see all of his achievements today on AngelList, amazing website that offers a great list of specialists in various domains looking for an interesting and prosperous career.

Company: Vanbex Group
Contact Name: Lisa Cheng
Address: 789 West 50th ave, Vancouver, BC, V6P 1A4, Canada
Phone: 604-379-9032

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