Stealing the tagline from a popular insurance company ad campaign, “We’ve seen a thing or two.” As advisors to a diverse list of blockchain development projects, we’ve come across our fair share of communication hazards.

Here’s five tips drawn from real-life situations that we hope can help you on your way to communicating your exciting blockchain enterprise.

Write for the world: Don’t allow industry jargon to cloud your message or prevent you from connecting with an audience. For most people, the blockchain remains an obscure and complex technology. That means it’s ripe for great storytelling. Describe your project’s value proposition as if you were explaining it to your parents.

Plan for successful communication: Resist the urge to rush into raising brand awareness without a development roadmap. Knowing where you’re going is important information for potential investors and your target audience. Only after demonstrating a clear vision can you properly craft messaging and the most effective strategies for spreading influence.

Stifle the urge to spew: “Flooding the zone,” is a tactic that works well in sports, but it’s not an effective way to create awareness or maintain buzz. Unleashing a stream of low-impact press releases undermines credibility with media professionals. Use owned media for smaller announcements and preserve the strength of your reputation for when you have something important to share. Media professionals will respect your news releases all the more and will continue to long into the future. You always have something else to share down the road.

Oversell at your peril: Describe your product in even, measured language. Stick to the facts and avoid hyperbole. The online community is filled with savvy crypto-enthusiasts and investors who will cause more harm than good to your brand if they start questioning your product’s value proposition before you even get going.

Trust the experts: Many entrepreneurs don’t trust the hired help, especially when it comes to communications. They often stumble after ignoring advice on content creation and media strategy, leaving investors and potential customers wondering what happened. Don’t let this be you.

Most marketing and communications campaigns can follow a predictable pattern. While every brand’s story is unique, delivering a clear and effective message the demonstrates your project’s value propositions is necessary to stand out and attract early adoption. Amateur mistakes easily derail a campaign. Build support for your brand through measured communication.

Contact the Vanbex Group
Brandon Kostinuk
Marketing & Communications Manager
PH: (604) 312-2463

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